Welcome to celebrity reality. Where I say the truth about people you "hate". It disturbs me when people believe things in tabloids and then assume their own things off of them.

1 Tabloids are made up of a bunch of people that twist celebrities words and take things out of context and sometimes just make things up so you will buy the magazine.

2. You can't assume anything about people you don't even know. It's just plain rude and mean and disrespectful.

Now, I know what you are thinking. It's freedom of speech, they are celebrities and they put themselves out there and we have a right to say whatever we want. That may be true, and maybe I get so peeved off about this kind of thing because I'm worried the same thing will happen to me one day. But I believe spreading rumors about celebrities is about the same thing as spreading rumors about a girl in high school that blew up in class one day and her grades dropped and everyone said mean things about her while in reality her grandfather got cancer and her parents were in the middle of an ugly divorce.

Not that I would know that feeling on any level.

Now let's begin!

Lady Gaga.

Why don't you like her? I love her. I am a gaga monster. She is an inspiration to me. She reminds me that I am good, and that it is okay to be myself, while others remind me otherwise. I probably would not be typing this today without her. But why do you hate her?

1. You think she is crazy. Uh you don't think, she is. That's her whole thing.

2. She dressed weirdly. Well I don't dress the way she does, but she likes it. I don't like the way my best friend dresses. Do I hate her?

3. She can't sing. Laughable. Watch this.

4. Um...uh.... I thought so.

I understand if you don't like her music. That is understandable. That is no reason to dislike her, the person, or even hate her.

If you have another reason, tell me, and if it's not a rumor, I can disprove it.

SCherry08 Talk To Me 12:28, August 27, 2011 (UTC)

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