So today after a hard day of high school I decided I would break for a few minutes before starting my homework. I turned on wikia, even though I left, just to skim. And then I saw CreddieMakesMeSmile asking if she should leave. And I was like WHY and then I read it and I lead myself to Maryan's blog.

There I saw CMMS comment. Which, I would have skimmed over, it was an average comment, I didn't see anything wrong with it. But then there was the reply thread.

Calling CMMS rude and saying mean things to her...and I was like WTF? Was there some hidden mean message hidden beneath that all like...what? And I understood that she originally said we couldn't post our own specs on our own page...but...reallly? She changed her mind. But the hate still started pouring in, and @kitty defended CMMS, everyone started hating kitty. They started talking about these two were like Creddie4ever and wrote songs about how seddie is evil and was flaunting it everywhere. like...WTFFFFFF

And then when CMMS apologized, they still hated because apparently, they didn't mean it.

It's the internet? Did you hear a tone in your voice or something?

of course, CMMS did call seddier's rude, which was the only thing in that entire thread I would take offense for. But since I am quick to forgive and forget, I wouldn't hold it against her.

I understand not all creddier's are angels, but seddiers, that doesn't give us ANY reason to explode at them for one little thing!

In the situation, it was the seddiers being rude her, not CMMS.

I was leaving before, but not permanently. Now I am. Congratulations guys, i've just learned this is the worst place for a kid ever.

Oh and I just made the 400,000 edit on the wiki.

Uh weren't you just yelling at us?

It had to be known!

SCherry08 Talk To Me 19:23, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

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