I decided with drama...we would think about good things that we remember here, things that we all had fun doing.

i want to make a list of 100 things....hopefully. I will start, and i want everyone in the comments to continue.

1. Things like last night with me, fudge, reason, laters, tara, and countdown

2 The Wolf Game

3. Virtually Feeding Each Other

4. The Next Person Game

5. Our nmereous blog games


7. Our Nicknames

8. Guess that quote

9. Roeplaying

10. getting excited over comment numbers

11. Sarcastic Rampage

12. War

13. Three Wishes

14. Getting Excited For Your Ship

15. Random "Hi!" comments


17. YOU DIRTY DIRTY RACIST 18. Speculating

19. Random SEEDDIEE and CREDDIEE comments

20. Awesome People that make it worthwile

21. Hanging out on chat

22. Making a wiki just for Dan Schnieder

23. Making Userboxes

24. Userships for fun!

25. The "In My Pants Game"! Adding "In my pants" to the end of songtitles

26. Shamelessly self-promoting our blogs

27. Prank Anniversary Game

28. The Freddie Game

29. Truth or Dare

30. Confusing BolivianBacon with inside jokes

31. April Fool's Day


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