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this episode was everything I had ever hoped it would be, except there was NO creddie mention! They didn't have a creddie fan on video chat, and Freddie went and showed he liked Sam, without any reguard on his past feelings for Carly! He just kisses Sam, seemingly out of the blue. UH DIDN"T YOU LOVE CARLY, LIKE ONE SEASONS AGO????? He didn't even bring up his feelings for Carly diminishing.

That said, it is still early in the arc, and he could say (to maybe some upset creddiers?) that he does not like carly anymore, and that has diminished.

Nevertheless, this is my favorite iCarly episode ever. I went to bed, couldn't go to sleep, so i wrote an entire PAPER for my summer work, still couldn't go to sleep, found myself thinking about the episode, and KARPOOF I started thinking about the lines "You mean that?" "Mmmhmm" and I actually CRIED. Like, it was silent, but a few tears did fall down my face. It was happy tears. Happy tears that finally, from the ship I loved ever since a certain blonde called a certain boy a doof. The ship I KNEW had a possibility ever since iKiss. The ship I followed and fell in total love with. I didn't cry after iOMG, because I only knew Sam's feelings, but yesterday, we knew them both, and my mission for over four years had been completed.

POINT 2: SHIP WARRING (dum dum duuuummm)

The iLMM "Success" has been rooting certain seddiers to go ask if creddiers have joined "The Purple Side" and I fear ship warring is going to sprout, considering CREDDIERS CAN SHIP WHAT THEY WANT. Maybe I don't agree with them, they can do as they please. One of my many motto's just is:


Even Dan said "we're all team iCarly!"

Point 3: FICTIONPRESS I am currently writing a story about my life (so that of course that includes the wikia) so if you do not want to be mentioned directly or WANT to be, please comment that. Thank You. The first four chapters of the story can be located here.

Point 4: FAVE KISS

What is your fave kiss for ANY ship? My favorite kiss for Seddie is the first one in iKiss. For Creddie its when Carly kissed Freddie on the cheek. And Cam...I wish :(


I had a dream last night I was on the wiki, and I got promoted to chatmod. So excited, happiness. Then CartoonPrincess came out of my computer dressed as an actual princess (she looked like jennette mccurdy) and we went on a magical journey using my new chatmod powers for good.

And then I woke up.

So have you ever had a dream about the wikia? TELL ME :)

oOoOoOoOoOTheSTADtapdancingcherryofseddie 12:06, August 14, 2011 (UTC)

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