So you know how I left?

Well I didn't make it well known, and since I made a ton of edits (I got like four badges in one day! That's crazy) my name has been on the sidebar a lot. But I also not left in another way. And I know what your thinking. "Omg she is just like all the others! She says she's leaving and then she comes back the next day omigod" Well, from the moment I announced my arrival, I knew I wasn't leaving. Me and three other people didn't know. And those three people are the reason why I wasn't kickbanned.

Why would I be kickbanned?

Becauze i wouldz tylk lyk dis and it would be SOOO annoyingz!

Close your gaping mouth.


I had some fun making up a character based off of Annoying Facebook Girl

But this whole thing wasn't pointless.

The lessons:

The ship warring lesson I was planning to teach

Why would you guys nag on each other, and hate each other, when there are worse people in the world? Everyone here is nice, so why would you hate and war each other?

The lesson I was not planning to teach but it turned out being more important

Obviously, the person behind ChocolatLuv was perfectly nice (unless you hate me) and why was she hated? Because of the way she typed.

It was annoying

hard to read maybe

but is that a reason to kickban someone? They could be totally nice but they just type a different way. Nobody wants to kickban Holy Chiz because she makes a lot of typos, and people who don't like lady gaga didn't want to kickban me when she was my avatar. But if a real person like that came on chat, would you kickban them for being annoying? If you saw your friend typing like that, would you hate them or make them change, or just accept that that was the way that they wanted to type.

Meh eh eh?

I will add more to this if I get comments of people disagreeing on levels THANK YOU. And for the three people that knew my secret and kept it, I will not name you and conceal your identities, thank you.

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