Hello the world, any youtubers or bloggers I may have dragged in here.

I am a seddier.

And before you get your pitchforks ready or for those seddiers claim you ar btter than everyone else, I have something to say.

Not all seddiers are mean, heartless vicious things that you see on youtube and other places.

But not all creddiers are evil.

Welcome to the world where, Everyone is BFFS, no matter what you ship


I hate being stereotyped as the heartless one, because I love my creddiers (MusicManiac is the coolest person ever)

but i bet most of you didn't start watching iCarly because of "Seddie" or "Creddie" ....

so why war?

ignore this and continue to make people feel bad, if that's what you want to do in life

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