{Hello everyone, I decided to make this huge blog thing that will be a lot of work on my part but I promise that I am committed}

You are walking along the streets of your village when a carraige pulls up. They grab you and lots of other kids off the street. You are loading into the van. You know what this is for. It's recruiting for the game, and by law, if chosen you have no chose but to go. You are heading to the capital this very minute.

Let me tell you a bit about this world. It is a medieval Kingdom. Every four years, they have the competition. It's a form of entertainment for everyone else. The competition is full of death, desire, and strength. Do you want to compete? You don't have to be committed. You don't have to be prompt. And you don't have to be in the right time zone. I will only update the games every other day...

Are you ready?

(if you choose to withdraw from the games, which I doubt you will do due to the fact that you only have to do one little thing every 2 days, your character will die.)

If you do wish to participate, make your character.

Name: (No last name. Medieve type name)

Age: (10-16 accepted only)

Born in: (The section of the kingdom you were born and brought up in. The choices are Rarital, Snasen, Brokie, and Lyenia.

Sex: (gender)

Any special talents+additional details+looks: (self explanatory)

Go ahead.

And be prepared.

And if you're wondering what you'll actually be doing, the answer is "not much"

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