This could be the 234564324335465689785432 blog post on this subject, and I don't really give a damn.

I am going to throw it away. I want Creddier's to be able to be my best friends again. I want to go on the wiki and be able to feel happy, and not be expecting to being yelled at and expected to take a side.

There are also pointless fights.

You want to know things that are so much more important than this stupid fighting about something that we are not going to care about in five years?

1. Last week, my future principal's husband died in a a car accident.

2. This Easter, my dad was in the hospital.

3. For the past two years, my father has been in and out of hospitals

4. My best friend tried to kill herself.

If there is fighting, take it away from here.

EDIT: I am alo leaving the chat.

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