I have decided to start a series of games called the Weekly Challenges. It will be a series of games every week between pre-set teams. You will have to Register every week, and then be placed on the team. Prizes include a lot of things I can do for you, including my talents of making userboxes, pictures, fanfiction, fictionpress, feeding you virtual waffles, and my friend going to the same school as that guy Alex from the Glee Project. This blog will be always updated with what challenges are coming next week. They will be held every Friday. I will also have announcments. Read the Coming games and announcments now.

Coming Soon...

The users game which will be coming next Friday. Click the link for full details. Already been Beta tested.

The wiki death/fighting game or whatever (obviously a working title) To be Beta tested by selected people. I will also need. DETAILS.

further ideas leave me a message on my talk page. (I will give you credit if I choose you)


If anyone else wants to do their own games at times I OWN FRIDAY"S. JK but if you really want Friday, see me on my talk page.

Thank You! I disabled Comments because anyone with a question or anything should see me on my talk page.

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