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Some of the things in the following blog post you may not like. Some of the things I don't agree with. But it's what the people asked for, and what the people said. (Note: Admins and B-crats also took this)

Find full list of results (minus write in answers) here


when asked "What do you think of the new democracy of choosing admins?" The majority of people of said it felt like a popularity contest. For "What do you think of two admins being chosen?" 10 people said "Cool" whie half of that said "If it's a democracy, only one should have been chosen. They should have waited for a winner." That's still 1/3 people thinking only one should have been chosen. For write in answer, one person said "Meh" and another said "No, to tell you the truth I think we have too many admins."

When asked "Should the people be able to nominate their admin choices?" 3 people said no, but 12 people said yes. That's quadruple the amount of people.

For "Should people be able to nominate thmselves to be an admin during a time where a new one is needed?" The majority of peole said "Yes, to be more like a true democracy. Right now it's like half democracy."

When the essay question "what other improvements would you add to this 'democracy'" apppeared, the answers were:

It's pretty good...but the admins should be able to choose an admin themselves. Though, it's a lot of pressure and they're trying to help us participate. :)
I don't think WE should pick the admins. I believe that Admins should have the choice of picking who is the next admin. Not that I don't like the new admins.
What you did in the new admins, was partially unfair. Those nominees looked like it was chosen, because they are so popular.
*Cough* I don't know
I don't know

For "Do you think we need at least one more admin" 3 people said more than one more admin, 2 people said less than the amount now, and "One more would be good" and "No we're good with what we have" both got five. This means wanting at least one more admin got 8 votes, and staying the same or wanting less admins got 7.

For the final question, essay, "Be honest, are you happy with how the wiki is run?" the answers were

I guess. I haven't really had any problems with it so it's fine how it's run now to me. :D
I guess so.
Heck No.
Not Really
Not so much
I am happy with how the wiki is run
Mostly. But sometimes it feels like people pick favorites. Nevertheless, this place is great. We have a lot of security over trolls. Sometimes there are a lot of chat MODs on sometimes only one or two. But since there aren't really that many trolls, it doesn't really matter that much. It's pretty good! :D
So so

It's not that I don't like the new admins cause I do... but... I feel like the contest... was more like a popularity contest then a... admin contest? But overall i think Sophie and the other admins do a great job with this wiki :)

Many, Many things. The fact that people are on chat too often The blogs The people not communicating between pages The Creddiers BARELY going on blogs

Not anything that I can think of.... Besides the chat. XD But that can't really be helped. I guess people should be more accepting and listen to ideas. And be supportive. :)

Well I'd rather the admins choose the new admins, rather then public vote.

Some answers from the new poll.

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