I found this really creepy, I was able to copy and past everything here from my userpage! Of course I went more in detail. Now, onto the point.

This blog is not about why I don't like ships, it's about why I like (and in some cases looooveee) these couples (or non couples).


As I told you, I am a seddie shipper. Love-hate rocks. Seddie is my ship because it is so adorable how they fight but obviously love each other! My favorite Seddie kiss out of them all is still the very first iKiss one. They would be the perfect pair. Freddie would care about Sam, and she would tease him and show her love at the same time. I love it sooo much.

Ikiss This user ships Seddie!!!

Empty Box. You are jealous.

Creddie Friendship

I also support the Creddie Friendship as my favorite platonic pairing. They are so cute as friends, like brother and sister. Seriously, I wish they were siblings sometimes. And then I would be able to sing "My best friends brother."in mind of this. Of course, then comes up the point where I wouldn't want them to be siblings, because they are better as just guy/girl best friends, like Harry and Hermione.

SpacePopsicles This user supports the Creddie Friendship!!!
suck it This box has two different colors


For Carly, my favorite ship for her is Barly. They would look so cute together! Carly will fall for Brad one day I JUST KNOW IT. AND I JUST LOVE IT. He is just the kind of guy Carly always looks for, and the one she would be best with.

Barly-Manip This user ships Barly!!!

BLUE That oatmeal was for the hobos!

Single Spencer

Frankly my dear I don't give a beaver Dam. I love him, but he I could nver imagine Spencer with a steady girlfriend.

It just isn't him. No empty box :(


As for Gibby, I ship Tibby. There has got to be something wrong with Tasha, but they seem so happy together, and that I like. Of course, I won't obsess over the Gibby ship, but I just loathe him with Carly or Sam (no offense to Sibby or Cibby shippers, it's just my opinion.) I want them to be exclusive!

71976 68406654 This user ships Tibby!!!
Pie is so amazing

(if anyone has a userbox for single spencer could they give it to me? Leave me a message on my talk page.)

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