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SCherry08 January 14, 2012 User blog:SCherry08

(Warning:The Following IS a FAKE episode created by me cause I wish it was real.)


The iCarly Gang goes on a cruise with several couples sent by their friends and families that need counseling.

Carly wins a singing contest to give a live performence on a cruise ship.


  • This was filmed on an Actual Carnival Cruise.
  • 10 different real life couples were hand selected from across the country to appear in this episode. Reason unkown.
  • A cast member will be singing in this episode.


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There are no external links I am entirely making this up.


Cherry's Mind

Promo One

We see Carly screaming in the Shay apartment, holding up a letter. She screams "We're going on a cruise!" She's wearing a red tank top with blue jean shorts. Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby spontanuously cheer.

Announcer: What happens when iCarly, hits the Atlantic?




Spencer: In off scene wearing a tuxedo, "So many things..."

Announcer: iSail Away, coming soon!

Promo 2

Announcer: ON JANUARY 20





  • Sam in off scene* We're going to be couples counselers on a cruise?*

Guy on boat: Yes.

iCarly Game: Looks at each other in confusion.

(next scene)

Freddie: We are trapped on a boat with a bunch of dating teenagers! This was obviously a trap! We need to get off here!

Carly: Are you kidding me? This may be my chance to find the secret to love!

Freddie: Come on Carly!

Carly: *runs away* I need a boyfriend!!!

Sneak Peek

We see Carly, Sam, and Freddie in a room with 20 other people. Ten girls, ten boys.

Sam: So...If you're happy in your relationships...Why are you here...

Nicolette: Our families. They didn't like how we didn't spend enough time doing things we both like.

John: Something about learning to explore what our partner enjoys doing....

Mary: But we were perfectly happy with different interests.

Freddie: So...why are you all trapped in one room?

All couples: Hiding.

Carly: From who?


Okay guys, it's obvious this isn't real. I decided that I would be "airing" a new episode of iCarly! Right now, you get little information, just like regular episode. But as time moves on, I add more information. I will also reanact what the promos will be like, and use some fanart skills for some photos. This episode will be airing next Friday in a different blog, where I will basically type out the entire episode. I thought it was something fun we could do. Remember to check back, because there is a "Promo" coming out tonight!

Note:First promo out. Kinda short.

Episode out tomorrow morning!

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