So I haven't been on this Wikia for a long time but I've noticed that lots of users are getting upset because people won't talk to them on the chat, or because people are mean to them or because they don't get attention. Come on guys give them a break, they're new. If some new person goes up onto chat and wants to talk with someone and you're lets say EXTREMELY popular then stop talking for a few minutes with the the other people and chat with the newbie! I'ts not exactly nice to ignore someone, or be mean to them. Whats the use?

There was another girl on this Wikia, not anymore though, MeNtAl_fAiRy, she acted crazy just to get your attention right? Well thats what I heard. She deleted her account, or left. She just wanted some attention! Also people on the chat were calling her 'quirky, weird, crazy' and someone even called her a small desperate girl typing away on the computer. How do I know this? A few weeks ago I met with a cool person on chat and she was friends with MeNtAl_fAiRy, but sadly she left. She told me how and MeNtAl_fAiRy had told this girl why so she told me. I think it's very upsetting and very dissapointing.

I was checking out a users page; BlondieSeddieFan. She accidentaly deleted the Drew Roy page and said sorry on the comments. But they got it back. Then. Guess what? Everyone started bugging her about it and she left. Her account was made August 10, 2011 and then she dissapeared. Totally vanished off the face of the iCarly Wikia. This is her page:

Just look at that. A lonely girl who just wanted friends. Gone. What about Cottoncandyface289? You know what happened to her? She was on chat and had lots of friends that she was talking to, then she went off to pick up the phone and her brother sat down and used her account but she didn't know. Apparentley he typed in something extremely rude and everyone got mad. She most probably tried to say sorry but no. No one listened to her. Nope. Now lets see what about her friend, IKay_Kay_!!_!!?

Yes I know this blog might be useless to some of you but just think about it. You get over a hundred new users easily, imagine that happened to all those hundreds. Would you like that? I'm talking about you, and you and you. All of you! Even those who are always polite, you never know what might slip out.

Thank you. Have a nice day.


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