• Sailor Sister

    The Outsiders.

    May 19, 2012 by Sailor Sister

    My class just finish reading the outsiders and my teacher wants me to ask any people who read the outsider any questions about the book or the movie.

    1. Who your favorite character?

    2. Favorite part of the movie or the book?

    3. Who do you think is the hottest one in the outsiders? If your a girl give me a list who you think is the hottest in order.

    4.Do you want to Cherry and Ponyboy to end up together?

    5. Did you like the book better than the movie?

    6. Will you cheat on Sodapop if you were Sandy? Boys you don't have to answer this question.

    Please answer the questions. I have one more thing to tell you. Johnny and Dally aren't the only ones who the died in the group. During when they were making the movie the outsiders. The person who plays Soda…

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