• SakraTheHedgie

    Hey, all! A while ago, I asked everyone to make some characters for a fanfic. WELL GUESS WHAT? :D

    It's up and ready to read!

    And for the record, I KNOW I SPELLED THE TITLE WRONG I TRIED TO FIX IT D:< So I don't know what's up with it now ^^ I thkn it's okay, but somewhewre it still might have the typo or whatever.

    Please read, and it would me a lot to me if you would review, tell me what you liked, AND what you didn't like. Since I want to be an author, I neeed to figure out how to make my stories better. And in my haste to post it, I forgot to put the disclaimer. So, Mel and Wolfe belong to Book, Roach belongs to Emily, and Codi belongs to me. Don't worry; not all of the characters I picked have appeared yet, so you might still have a chance!…

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  • SakraTheHedgie

    Hey all! Sakra-chan here, and I'm making a fanfic! An iCarly fanfic! What's the plot?

    It's been a week since the iCarly crew disappeared. Some of the absolutely crazy iCarly fanatics have captured them, and have held them hostage, making them come up with ideas for daily iCarly webisodes. They're not exactly trhe best thing that has ever happened to the world. Their friends have been busy with causing crime all over Seattle, keeping the police officers busy, so they can't help. Spencer, who was already stressed out enough with three deadlines for artwork, has gone senile with his little sister and her friends held hostage. He disappeared about a few days ago. Now, it's up to a rag-tag group of iCarly fans to save the iCarlys.

    Where do YOU co…

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  • SakraTheHedgie

    Hey guys. So, we all know that people are starting to leave the wiki. Now, here' my point of the blog;

    Katydidit caused an uproar in the iCarly community. And we've been having trolls as well, so that doesn't help. People have been feelung unsafe; and I can totally understand that. Other reasons also want people to leave. We've lost some good users this way. However, like the title says, it's time we make a stand.

    This isn't rallying forces with pitchforks and torches. I'm trying to say that we need to be stronger. We can't let simple things, like a troll bashing a ship, or a vandal vandalizing a page, get to us. We need to approach these calmly, and let the admins do their jobs once we report the troubles. We can't sit around and wait for people to n…

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  • SakraTheHedgie

    Alrighty guys, since it's summer, I'm bored, and I love to draw, I'm going to be taking requests from you guys!

    Now, some ground rules:

    1) NO explicit content.

    2) SInce I am going to be posting the pictures here, NO gore or violence.

    3) Since I am a neutral shipper, I am allowing ONE iCarly shipping picture for everyone. Once you have had yours, you cannot ask for another one. However, you may request anything else.

    4) I take requests of fan-characters, cannon characters, canines and felines(and other animals, but I might have to look them up), and iCarly characters.

    5) I won't color them, only because they take longer, my coloring's always messy, and my picture's always look better in black and white.

    Ground rules are set, everyone got a request i…

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  • SakraTheHedgie

    This blog is meant to voice reasons and opinions. If this blog offends anyone, I sincerely apoligize in advance. This is not meant to irritated or anger others.

    Hola, everyone! My first blog post here, so if I mess up somehow, please tell me.

    Anyway, let's get to buisness, shall we? Okay, so I know that everyone is upset with the sequel being iPsycho, and the iOMG thing, and the Seddie arc, but (and this goes out to all shippers) think about this; Why do you ship? Why do you think the Sam and Freddie would work out together as a couple? Or why do you think that Carly and Freddie would be a cute pairing? I notice that there are a lot of shippers out there, and I want to know why.

    And as for the non-shippers, like me, why do you not ship anything?…

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