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A blog for both Shippers and Non-Shippers

This blog is meant to voice reasons and opinions. If this blog offends anyone, I sincerely apoligize in advance. This is not meant to irritated or anger others.

Hola, everyone! My first blog post here, so if I mess up somehow, please tell me.

Anyway, let's get to buisness, shall we? Okay, so I know that everyone is upset with the sequel being iPsycho, and the iOMG thing, and the Seddie arc, but (and this goes out to all shippers) think about this; Why do you ship? Why do you think the Sam and Freddie would work out together as a couple? Or why do you think that Carly and Freddie would be a cute pairing? I notice that there are a lot of shippers out there, and I want to know why.

And as for the non-shippers, like me, why do you not ship anything? I don't ship becuse it's just not me. I don't ship know, I actually can't think of a valid answer for that one XD. But either way, why do you other non-shippers not ship? Like above, there are other non-shippers out there, and I want to know why you guys and gals don't ship.

Once again, if this blog offends anyone, I sincerely apoligize for it. If I get in trouble for this blog, I will take my punishment with dignity. That is all, now post away!

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