Hey all! Sakra-chan here, and I'm making a fanfic! An iCarly fanfic! What's the plot?

It's been a week since the iCarly crew disappeared. Some of the absolutely crazy iCarly fanatics have captured them, and have held them hostage, making them come up with ideas for daily iCarly webisodes. They're not exactly trhe best thing that has ever happened to the world. Their friends have been busy with causing crime all over Seattle, keeping the police officers busy, so they can't help. Spencer, who was already stressed out enough with three deadlines for artwork, has gone senile with his little sister and her friends held hostage. He disappeared about a few days ago. Now, it's up to a rag-tag group of iCarly fans to save the iCarlys.

Where do YOU come in? I need characters! I will choose who will be the heroes (I'm thinking about seven or eight of 'em) AND some villains! I don't need a WHOLE lot of villians, I just need a few!

Now, I'm going to need their name, age, gender, likes, dislikes, abilites, weaknesses, and the optional ship.

Get your creative on, and join in on the fun! :D

....I sound too perky. Excuse me while I get go lie down and take a nap. (LOL I kid, but seriously, I sounded too perky D:)

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