Alrighty guys, since it's summer, I'm bored, and I love to draw, I'm going to be taking requests from you guys!

Now, some ground rules:

1) NO explicit content.

2) SInce I am going to be posting the pictures here, NO gore or violence.

3) Since I am a neutral shipper, I am allowing ONE iCarly shipping picture for everyone. Once you have had yours, you cannot ask for another one. However, you may request anything else.

4) I take requests of fan-characters, cannon characters, canines and felines(and other animals, but I might have to look them up), and iCarly characters.

5) I won't color them, only because they take longer, my coloring's always messy, and my picture's always look better in black and white.

Ground rules are set, everyone got a request in mind? Good! Ask away!

Oh, and before I forget, here's SeddieCherry's request:

For SC

For SeddieCherry.

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