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iSave the iCarly Crew-- Now Up! :D

Hey, all! A while ago, I asked everyone to make some characters for a fanfic. WELL GUESS WHAT? :D

It's up and ready to read!

And for the record, I KNOW I SPELLED THE TITLE WRONG I TRIED TO FIX IT D:< So I don't know what's up with it now ^^ I thkn it's okay, but somewhewre it still might have the typo or whatever.

Please read, and it would me a lot to me if you would review, tell me what you liked, AND what you didn't like. Since I want to be an author, I neeed to figure out how to make my stories better. And in my haste to post it, I forgot to put the disclaimer. So, Mel and Wolfe belong to Book, Roach belongs to Emily, and Codi belongs to me. Don't worry; not all of the characters I picked have appeared yet, so you might still have a chance! :D

Enjoy! :D

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