• Sakura708

    Honestly,I have not heard ONE mention of Sam's father in iCarly.Is he dead?Did he leave Pam before/after she had Sam and Melanie?

    Sam,who talks a lot of her relatives,hasn't mention him at all.Maybe he did die,and his death makes Sam grieve about it.Maybe she doesn't like him,perhaps because he left Pam.He probably DID divorce Pam,but there's too many possibiltes.

    On a side note,I haven't seen a page mentioning him either.They have a page for CARLY'S mother,but not for him.Why not?

    P.S. Notice how no one mentions Sam's,Gibby's and Freddie's father,and Carly's and Spencer's mother.So it seems that all of the main characters have a parent that is never mention.Coincede?(British accent)I THINK NOT D:<

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  • Sakura708

    Honestly.See here's the thing.I'm neutral.What does that mean?

    I don't ship anything,except friendships :|

    I don't ship Ceddie,nor Seddie,Sibby,Cibby,Cam,or Spam.Honestly,I'm not the kind of person that ships thing.I rarely do.I only ship friendships,like Cam(friendship)and Fencer(friendship).The reason I don't is because really,too many people are taking the shipping things TOO seriously.Cal's page,for instance.People thought he was Sam's and Freddie's son.......What the heck :|

    This is fictional,yes.But the only time its been fantasy fiction was in iChristmas.Honestly,you guys are taking things WAY,and I mean,WAY to seriously.Thank you for taking your time for reading this and.....well....I dunno

    Eat Apple Juice and Drink Cookies,or somethin…

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  • Sakura708

    Little Girl from iSpace Out

    December 21, 2010 by Sakura708

    I think we need a page that includes information about her.She serves as a one time character and people have information about other one time characters(like Cal or Nora)All we need is someone that is NOT a seddie shipper.There was page but a seddie shipper put something idiotic and now its delete(THANKS ALOT!)I'm gonna do it.And when i do,if you find something about the pairings,can you either Take it out or inform me please?Cause I'm gonna check who did it and tell them thats impossible.Thank you and have a nice day =D

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