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What's wrong with being neutral?

Sakura708 February 3, 2011 User blog:Sakura708

Honestly.See here's the thing.I'm neutral.What does that mean?

I don't ship anything,except friendships :|

I don't ship Ceddie,nor Seddie,Sibby,Cibby,Cam,or Spam.Honestly,I'm not the kind of person that ships thing.I rarely do.I only ship friendships,like Cam(friendship)and Fencer(friendship).The reason I don't is because really,too many people are taking the shipping things TOO seriously.Cal's page,for instance.People thought he was Sam's and Freddie's son.......What the heck :|

This is fictional,yes.But the only time its been fantasy fiction was in iChristmas.Honestly,you guys are taking things WAY,and I mean,WAY to seriously.Thank you for taking your time for reading this and.....well....I dunno

Eat Apple Juice and Drink Cookies,or something like that - . -

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