Honestly,I have not heard ONE mention of Sam's father in iCarly.Is he dead?Did he leave Pam before/after she had Sam and Melanie?

Sam,who talks a lot of her relatives,hasn't mention him at all.Maybe he did die,and his death makes Sam grieve about it.Maybe she doesn't like him,perhaps because he left Pam.He probably DID divorce Pam,but there's too many possibiltes.

On a side note,I haven't seen a page mentioning him either.They have a page for CARLY'S mother,but not for him.Why not?

P.S. Notice how no one mentions Sam's,Gibby's and Freddie's father,and Carly's and Spencer's mother.So it seems that all of the main characters have a parent that is never mention.Coincede?(British accent)I THINK NOT D:<

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