• Sam+Freddie=Seddie

    Ok so this is my first blog "Hooray!" *confetti comes out from the roof* And just about a minute ago I was trying to find this blog, since it has been made before, but I couldn't find it so I just thought I'd create a new one. :)

    So who is your best friend(s) on the wiki? And it doesn't have to be mutual like for example I would say mine are @MaryanHPotter98 if that's how it's spelled and @xxiOMG something something I really don't know the rest lol because I always agree with what they say and y'all are so cool and funny, but that doesn't necessarily mean they feel the same way, you know. Anyway @MaryanHP I can't believe you barely turned 13 you seemed like your 16 or something. And @xxiomg you always make great points and your a great writ…

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