Ok so this is my first blog "Hooray!" *confetti comes out from the roof* And just about a minute ago I was trying to find this blog, since it has been made before, but I couldn't find it so I just thought I'd create a new one. :)

So who is your best friend(s) on the wiki? And it doesn't have to be mutual like for example I would say mine are @MaryanHPotter98 if that's how it's spelled and @xxiOMG something something I really don't know the rest lol because I always agree with what they say and y'all are so cool and funny, but that doesn't necessarily mean they feel the same way, you know. Anyway @MaryanHP I can't believe you barely turned 13 you seemed like your 16 or something. And @xxiomg you always make great points and your a great writer. Pretty much everyone on here is really cool and it's fun to talk to everyone. So enough of my blabbing, now it's your turn. Who here is your best friend and say why if you'd like. EDIT: I added some others in the comments below but instead I'll put the others I didn't mention on here:

@Candycoateddoom Your gifs are hilarious and so are you :P

@Purple xx I usually agree with everything you say, your so cool and I love your fanfic iFake Date a Dork

@Noodle Booty You are funny and bring out good points

@Ariana4President You always bring out good points I usually agree with you

@Rosaliethebrave Your cool and funny and just awesome. :)

@xxcreddier4presidentxx You are so cool it's not even funny lol :P

@Purplestripedfudgeparole239 (if that's how you spell it XD) your name is *so* long lol and I love how you Type Like This Every Time You Comment. XD

@Scherry I like your icon and you are funny lol

@Devonanderson You make some good fanfics and you're a really cool seddie shipper (you post a lot of screen shots and stuff)

@Yanks28 Your really cool and funny. :)

@SamBenson You're really cool and really funny

@Seddiejathanfan what's not to like? :)

and a lot more but if this list my make it to the bottom of the page so I'll just leave it at here XD.

P.S It would be so cool if my first blog made it to most popular blogs. You're awesome if you comment (or if you don't) lol

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