DISCLAIMER: This haul is NOT bragging in any way shape or form. Its purpose is solely to inspire back to school outfits.

Here it is guys, The MASSIVE, BIG OL' BACK TO SCHOOL BLOG! There are a few parts to this blog. The first part is the haul. The stuff I bought for back to school is in the gallery.

The next part of this blog is completely open for conversation. What did you buy for back to school, whether it's clothes or school supplies? Got any questions? ASK THEM!!!!! Anybody can answer!!!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  • I love this shirt. It's simply a cream colored shirt with a heart made of studs in the middle. I love the sleeves, they're pleated and round. I got this at TJ Maxx for $10.
  • A closer look.
  • This is just a red plaid shirt. Perfect if you arent a real girly girl. Wear it by itself, open with a T-Shirt, or let it peak out from a sweater or jacket. I got this at Aeropostale for $22
  • I also got this shirt at TJ Maxx. It was $7.50. Its a really pretty purple-gray color. It cinches at the waist and has big, flowy sleeves.
  • The shirt has really pretty lace detailing on the shoulders and back.
  • You can wear this over just about anything. I'll be wearing it over the red plaid top. I got this at a local store, but you can find a jacket like this anywhere.
  • I love this blue hoodie from Aero!!! Its so cozy and cute. It was $13.
  • I got these for $99 at Marshalls for my birthday. There are a lot of other inexpensive boots like these. I like how the buttons give them a touch of girliness.
  • I got these cute sequined flats from Payless for $11.99. Surprisingly, they work with just about anything.
EDIT: I'm still answering questions at my Hair, Makeup, and Clothes advice blog! Check it out!

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