Everyone has their reasons for watching iCarly, but what are yours? I started when I was about 11 (I'm 14 now) I've always loved Miranda and Jerry on Drake & Josh, but seeing them on iCarly, just made me love them 10x more. See, I live in Canada, and some of us don't have Nick (me) so we never get to watch new episodes of iCarly (like iLost My Mind didn't premiere here, I had to watch Livestream). I use to watch Drake & Josh ALL the time, but then it wasn't coming on YTV (Canada's version of Nick) anymore, because iCarly started coming on.

My very first episode was iKiss (lucky me). And I never saw the 1st Season ('til later of course) before, so I didn't know anything about the characters yet. And I loved the episode, not just because of the Seddie kiss, but because of the comedy, I mean, that was a pretty hilarious episode! I remember myself laughing and laughing until I couldn't breathe! And then that sweet moment between Sam & Freddie just made me love the show 100x more. I remember asking myself: "They are gonna get together right?" and I fell so deeply in love with Seddie. I also remember telling myself: "I just gotta to see what happens next." and after that, I kept watching iCarly, to see if Sam & Freddie would ever get together. And what do you know? They did. But, then I grew to love iCarly the show, and not just Seddie. So now, whenever iCarly somes on (even if it's a rerun), I watch it because it's hilarious. And growing up with iCarly, really changed my life because I learned that life is hard, but sometimes, you just gotta laugh. :)

SamLuvsHam 20:53, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

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