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June 14, 2010
  • SamPrincessPuckett

    Hey! So I was wondering when you starting shipping Seddie, Creddie, Spam, Cam, etc... And how you discovered it.

    I started shipping Seddie when I saw the commercial for iKiss (Like MANY other Seddiers XD) and I remember being on the phone with my friend (She saw it before me) and I was like "Did Carly and Gibby kiss? DID SAM AND FREDDIE KISS?" Lol, I was so excited for it. :D

    I then became OBSESSED :D and I watched Seddie videos on youtube.

    One time, I was watching a Seddie youtube video, where Sam was pregnant (I was like 10) and my Dad came in. I thought he was mad, and I apologized a LOT. But, I was so scared to talk about iCarly, I didn't say a word for a YEAR! (But still watched heehee :) )

    I would watch videos secretly on my phone at nig…

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  • SamPrincessPuckett

    HEY! I was just wondering what everyone's favorite Minor Shipping is. No Seddie, Creddie, Cam, Spam, Cibby, or Sibby. The little ones! (:

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  • SamPrincessPuckett

    So I'm gonna do a Seddie/Creddie poll. If your Seddie you can simply put Seddie and if you want put your reasoning. PLEASE NO PUTTING DOWN OTHER SHIPS! I DO NOT want a shipping war. Its a simple poll of who likes who and why. If you vandalize or put down another ship or hurt someone's feelings cause they like the opposite ship I will delete your comment and make sure your blocked (Idk if I can do that I thnk it's a admin thing. But I will contact them. And it probably won't be permanent, well depending on what you say.)

    If this blogs gets deleted because people start a shipping war, I am very sorry and I understand.

    If you like other pairings like Cibby, Sibby, Cam, Spam, Felanie, etc.

    Put those too! :D

    I'm a Seddie shipper and here's why:

    Why I'm…

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  • SamPrincessPuckett

    So in an article ABC wrote about season 4 of iCarly, they said there will be more relationships. What do you think it will end up as? Seddie? Creddie? Cibby? Sibby? Cam? Well I don't think Cam can really happen on a kids show but hints may get more like... obvious? Even though they are really obvious already haha. Maybe both Seddie and Creddie. I don't really think we will see Spam love relationship but maybe more Spam getting closer ya know? So what do you think will happen? Sam (Princess) Puckett 02:17, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

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  • SamPrincessPuckett

    Hey Hey HEY!

    June 14, 2010 by SamPrincessPuckett

    Hey It's SamPrincessPuckett!

    If your a seddie shipper you'll know where the princess part came from... :)

    I'm also a Creddie shipper.

    Here are my pairings:


    Creddie (Eh Sort Of not a very strong shipper though i was alright with iSYL)


    Cam (Friendship Only!)


    Spencer and Gibby's Mom! ;)

    That's it... I think.

    Oh well yea!

    Feel free to talk to me about anything!

    I'm on Fanfiction as


    So yea If your a shipper of any of the pairings above feel free to talk to me about it!

    I will start a long convo about it Haha

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