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Creddie or Seddie? Which one are you?

So I'm gonna do a Seddie/Creddie poll. If your Seddie you can simply put Seddie and if you want put your reasoning. PLEASE NO PUTTING DOWN OTHER SHIPS! I DO NOT want a shipping war. Its a simple poll of who likes who and why. If you vandalize or put down another ship or hurt someone's feelings cause they like the opposite ship I will delete your comment and make sure your blocked (Idk if I can do that I thnk it's a admin thing. But I will contact them. And it probably won't be permanent, well depending on what you say.)

If this blogs gets deleted because people start a shipping war, I am very sorry and I understand.

If you like other pairings like Cibby, Sibby, Cam, Spam, Felanie, etc.

Put those too! :D

I'm a Seddie shipper and here's why:

Why I'm a Seddie shipper... *shrugs* I don't know. Ever since iKiss it just kinda stuck. Maybe since Sam is my favorite character and i'm a lot like her and I tend to have crushes on guys like Freddie... So I guess just personal experience. I like Carly and all but I like her with Gibby. Yep I'm a Cibby shipper too. They just... work. But I like Criffin too!



Sam (Princess) Puckett 04:56, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

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