Hey! So I was wondering when you starting shipping Seddie, Creddie, Spam, Cam, etc... And how you discovered it.

I started shipping Seddie when I saw the commercial for iKiss (Like MANY other Seddiers XD) and I remember being on the phone with my friend (She saw it before me) and I was like "Did Carly and Gibby kiss? DID SAM AND FREDDIE KISS?" Lol, I was so excited for it. :D

I then became OBSESSED :D and I watched Seddie videos on youtube.

One time, I was watching a Seddie youtube video, where Sam was pregnant (I was like 10) and my Dad came in. I thought he was mad, and I apologized a LOT. But, I was so scared to talk about iCarly, I didn't say a word for a YEAR! (But still watched heehee :) )

I would watch videos secretly on my phone at night, then one video was a trailer for a fanfiction, and then, I discovered the great wonderful world of Seddie Fanfiction. I was addicted, reading every night :D.

But, after a while, (iGo Nuclear I think) I got more comfortable about talking about iCarly (I think it's because I wanted the DS game xD) and then before I knew it, my Dad watches iCarly with me and he is a Seddie shipper. His favorite episode is iSpeed Date. ("They should've of continued the plot! It was such a good one!")

Fanfiction was a secret for me, but I eventually told my Dad what it was :) (He doesn't read any... that I know of. :P)

Seddie helped me get closer with my Dad :)

Lol, and that's my story :D

So tell me yours!

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