• Sam Puckett is a winner

    Hello PEEPS!xD

    Ok, so I recently got a Twitter account. And I wanna know who to follow! I also have a Youtube.

    My Twitter: @ImmabeaSeddier

    My Youtube: MsPromoQueen(

    So tell me your Twitter and i'll follow and tell me your Youtube so I'll subscribe!

    Oh, and please subscribe and follow me, since I'll be doing the same to u!

    "Sam Puckett is a winner!" Cuz Sam is just awesome 20:20, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sam Puckett is a winner

    As you know, there was a certain ban from a certain administrator. We are all overjoyed. Some people are even let down.

    But, I would like to thank all are heroes(over exagerrating much? xD) who helped stop him. It helped this wiki alot. Just because you guys are not admins, does NOT mean you can't save this wiki. Thanks to those who were brave enough to catch this criminal.

    I know its hard to let go of a person you trusted for so many months. He failed to keep his wish. Don't be sad. If you need help...visit me on my talk page or PM me on chat when I am available.

    Thanks to our honorable users that helped save this wiki. We thank you.

    "Sam Puckett is a winner!" Cuz Sam is just awesome 01:47, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sam Puckett is a winner

    Ok, so this is my first blog. And on my first day, I came acrosss a question. Does the iLost My Mind Promo show parts from iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan't Take It, and iLove You, of just iLost My Mind?

    So I want to hear your opinions! I would love to have many opinions for my first blog.

    PS.*Bonus question*- What's your favorite color?

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