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    October 15, 2012 by Samandfreddieforever



    Sam: I need to talk to Carly

    Freddie: Why?

    Sam: I need to explain

    Freddie: Ok, I'll go and find the food cart if you wanna talk to her now

    Sam: (smiles) Thanks baby

    Freddie: (walks out of room)

    Sam: (picks up phone and calls Carly)

    [Carly's Bedroom/Train]

    Carly: (crying into pillow on bed, phone rings) (looks up and grabs phone) Hello (still sobbing)

    Sam: Carly

    Carly: What (shouting)

    Sam: I wanna talk

    Carly: About

    Sam: What happened

    Carly: Why?

    Sam: I want to try to be friends

    Carly: How can we after what you did to me

    Sam: I'm so sorry for what i've done

    Carly: (smirks) As you should be)

    Sam: Well at least you'll never see me again

    Carly: (intrieged) Why?

    Sam: I'm moving to England to live with my dad

    Carly: (sad) Bu...

    {Long pause}

    Sam: I hope, one …

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    Chapter 2: iTake Action

    Sam's POV-

    Me and Benson haven't spoken since the Carly's birthday bash, manly because I've been 'sick' for the last threee weeks, but it's been hard coz I've had Melanie on my back. She's not been at school coz it closed because of a gas leak I think so shes been at Ridgeway.

    Today Melanie came in and I was already awake so I pretended to be asleep. She came rushing in "Sam, Sam wake up it's time for school" she shouted into my eardrum. "What, I can't go I'm sick" I said looking dazed. "Oh, ok. But stay in bed out of trouble. Promise" she replied with a slightly glum look on her face then she walked out the room.

    Melanie's POV-

    I could totally tell Sam was faking, I meen come on i'm her twin plus i've known her all my l…

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    Sam's POV-

    Ok so we were at Carly's Birthday Bash, she had this massive party and everybody came; including Fredwiner but only because his Mom was on the late night shift at the hospital, I think. By about midnight everybody but me, Fredbag, Brad, Melanie(my perfect twin sister) and Gibby had all gone home and we were all running out of fun things to do, we had already pranked Luwbert, set five of Carly's presents on fire, had way to much cake and I refused to play spin the bottle so we all decided to play truth or dare in the iCarly studio, Spencer was going to play with us but he fell asleep in Carly's bed.

    Carly went first, she dared Gibby to squirt mustard and ketchup on people passing by the Bushwell and shout "It's raining condiments",…

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