Chapter 2: iTake Action

Sam's POV-

Me and Benson haven't spoken since the Carly's birthday bash, manly because I've been 'sick' for the last threee weeks, but it's been hard coz I've had Melanie on my back. She's not been at school coz it closed because of a gas leak I think so shes been at Ridgeway.

Today Melanie came in and I was already awake so I pretended to be asleep. She came rushing in "Sam, Sam wake up it's time for school" she shouted into my eardrum. "What, I can't go I'm sick" I said looking dazed. "Oh, ok. But stay in bed out of trouble. Promise" she replied with a slightly glum look on her face then she walked out the room.

Melanie's POV-

I could totally tell Sam was faking, I meen come on i'm her twin plus i've known her all my life, thats like 17-18 years. She could never fool me. But I did feel really bad because it's my fault that shes off, I dared her to French kiss Freddie and she did and then Carly walked oi and totally lost it so the got kinda emmbarresed. And Freddie isn't at school either so he wouldn't have to face Sam.

Freddie's POV-

I was persistant not to go to school, even though I love school I just couldn't face Sam. I've been off for the past three weeks, day after day I've been able to come up with an exuse. But today I couldn't think of one so I ended up going to school, I had hoped Sam skipped today. I was in luck and she had. But then I got myself invited along to a camping trip I really didn't want to go on.

Carly's POV-

I felt terrible I hadn't seen Sam or Freddie, his mom wouldn't let me come in something about jerms or... , in weeks and I really missed both of them! But I was talking to Melanie before registration. "Hey Melanie" I said as she walked up to me, she replied "Hey" with a dull look.

"Why so sad" I asked Melanie.

"Sam and Freddie, I didn't meen to but I've made things really akward between them.

"It's not you're fault"

"What are we going to do?" Melanie said.

"We are going to get them together" I whispered.


"I have a plan" I said with a sly look on my face. "So listen up...".

"OMG, that's brilliant"

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