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Sam: I need to talk to Carly

Freddie: Why?

Sam: I need to explain

Freddie: Ok, I'll go and find the food cart if you wanna talk to her now

Sam: (smiles) Thanks baby

Freddie: (walks out of room)

Sam: (picks up phone and calls Carly)

[Carly's Bedroom/Train]

Carly: (crying into pillow on bed, phone rings) (looks up and grabs phone) Hello (still sobbing)

Sam: Carly

Carly: What (shouting)

Sam: I wanna talk

Carly: About

Sam: What happened

Carly: Why?

Sam: I want to try to be friends

Carly: How can we after what you did to me

Sam: I'm so sorry for what i've done

Carly: (smirks) As you should be)

Sam: Well at least you'll never see me again

Carly: (intrieged) Why?

Sam: I'm moving to England to live with my dad

Carly: (sad) Bu...

{Long pause}

Sam: I hope, one day we can be friends again

Carly: What about Freddie

Sam: I don't know, he said he might come with me

Carly: Please don't go

Sam: Wait, I thought you'd want me to go. I... I thought you hated me

Carly: (smiles) Look Sam we may fall out but I could never hate you

Sam: Really (smileing)

Carly: So where are you now I'll be there

Sam: I'm on a train

Carly; Where to?

Sam: LA

Carly: Why LA

Sam: To catch a flight to London

Carly: Come back. Please.

Sam As soon as we get off the train. We'll get on another right back to Seatle

Carly: Meet you at the Groovy Smoothie tommorrow morning after you get back, yeah

Sam: Course

Cam: (laugh)


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