I start a fan war. Prob one of the most anticipated episodes ever. It promised the answer to "the biggest icarly question". Did we get it? No. Carly did say that " icarly isn't about relationships; it's about comedy and a good laugh. I understand that, and realized that she is kinda right. It started out as comedy, and then the seddie and creddie stuff started happening. But the announcer said that we would see who should be together. Well seddie, creddie, or Adam and carly did not happen. So we did not get the answer to that. Max or nathan( can't remember which one) promised us there will be a big twist. Nothing like that happened. I was let down, and hope they continue this story in another episode. I also found the Gibby and guppy storyline to be pointless. I didn't get to many laughs out of that. The Spencer and jack black storyline I thought was funny because I am a huge jack black fan. Unlined that Craig, Eric, Gavin, and Stacey all guest starred in this episode. They all cracked me up, especially Craig and Eric. The Justin bieber reference made me lol. Anyways, all I can say was that I was a bit let down. Seddie all the way.

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