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Annoying times when trying to post comments

I don't know how many other people have been experiencing these problems, or if it's just a problem with my computer or something, but recently when I've tried to post comments SOMETHING goes wrong. A lot of times it posts it twice even when I only hit 'post comment' once. Other times my comment just DOESN'T SHOW UP, no matter how many times I refresh the page, exit out and go back, or log out and log back in. Example: about 5 minutes ago I posted a comment on the Niranda page which appeared for about 2 seconds and then went away. Also about a minutes ago, I posted a reply on the iParty With Victorious page, and that, too went away. WHY? Aargh it's so annoying :( Have these problems happened with anyone else, and does anyone know how to fix this?

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