I'm sorry, this blog must sound horrible, but have you ever wanted there to be an episode where Carly and Freddie get into a major fight? Of course they would make up in the end and live happily ever after, but they always get along so well, sometimes to the point where their relationship seems some-what unrealistic (sort of-maybe not). Even though they sometimes "make-fun" of eachother, it's always in a playful, brother-sister kid of way. I really want to see them fight about something because I think it would make their characers seem more believable, and it would definitely show signs of character change and development... It would also be interesting to see what they're fighting about, because it must be something HUGE for the two of them to be in such a big fight. Sorry, this probably isn't the most interesting blog, but I'm curious to know If I'm the only one thinking this way (I might be lol). Please comment...

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