Ignore this. I've chickened out xD. I'm starting another.

So I've noticed that there are lots of books and novels and series on here so I thought, 'Hey, why don't I COPY THEM!' No, I'm lying I would never do that but anyways I'm starting my own book called 'Speechless' and I was wondering if any of you wanted to be characters in it.

So please fill this out in the comments below:





Small bio:

Thanks. Just so you get the.... point of this story heres the summary:

Scott and Phillip Parker are twins, both fourteen, they've always been able to read each others minds and sometimes other peoples. They work for a Circus in Reno, Nevada night after night, show after show. But someone is after Scott and Phillip, when the secret Necropolis Corporation captures Scott and Phillip manages to escape, he has no choice but to keep in hiding. He is framed for murder of his brother with the entire world on the search for him. With the help of the woman- Donna Fitzgerald- that saved him, he has to find Scott before who knows what?

So on the way, like, Phillip finds friends of his from the Circus and some of Donna's friends to help him.... any characters? Thanks.

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