Hi again! It's me! Yes, yes I know this is the third blog I've made today, calm your face. I'm glad you know and don't really care ok??!!! Well anyways, this blog is about....BLOODY MASSIVE GOOD NEWS FOR ME!! Do you want to know what is it? Really? Really really? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Can you take it? You won't have a hissy fit? Really? You sure? Ok... here it goes.... *drumroll*

I'M A WITCH NOW!! No.... that's not right.... oh dear. But no seriously here are the real news... you ready? You sure? Alright, here goes nothing;

I'm an ADMIN!!! YAY!!! Yes I am indeed an admin on Toadetterocks' Wikia;! Which is here if anyone is interested but yeah. Yay! Yes, thank you very much Toadetterocks it's a real honor and it's also very umm... whats the word... very very very very very- LOVELY. Yes it's lovely, thank you, I love you now, I bloody love you :). Thank you very very much. But I don't think that it's a proper thank you just saying that. Now I'm obviously not going to stop the blog and just say thank you, no hold up. I'm going to further my gratitude by:

A( Joining all of her wiki's which I think are bloody amazing B( Making a friendship page for us on the iCarly User Relationship Wikia which is called ScarlettRock123 . C( Making this blog to thank her. D( Adding her to my top friends list on my profile which is not yet up but will be up after I finish this So yeah. Thank you very very much Toadetterocks and yeah... that's pretty much it. One more thing though, thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog which is here and it got actually quite a few replies so thank you very much. So I'm going to ask you to please comment below if any user on this Wikia has done a very good favour to you or has been a very good friend and how. Comments please! I will reply to every single one of them and make sure the person you mentioned knows so yeah thank you and comment down there.

It's down there right? Yeah I think it is. Is it? Yeah alright fine. COMMENTS!!..... Also please go on Toadette's wiki please it'll be making her a huge favour. Thanks again. Byeeeee....

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