Hello stranger. Today I'm making a blog to see how long you can hold your breath. Please do not cheat, I will know if you cheat and I seriously hate people who do that. No sorry, I don't hate you I love you I just don't like you cheating :). Well anyfrogs, I was inspired to make this blog when I saw EpicForks' blog so I thought, 'Hey, why don't I COPY her?!'

No I'm kidding, I love EpicFork, I bloody love her I do. I would never copy her. But yeah, how long can you hold your breath? I don't know! Let's find out! Like I said, don't cheat or I'll murder you!

So here is how it goes. To play this easy and fun game follow these easy steps.

  • Find a timer
  • If you don't have a timer, that's fine, steal one
  • After you've found a timer/stolen a timer get ready to hold your breath
  • Get your timer ready
  • Plug your nose and close your mouth
  • Stick a horses head inside the toilet
  • Press the big threatning button on the timer
  • Time it
  • Stop when your starting to turn purple or cannot stand it anymore
  • Look at the time
  • Log onto the iCarly Wikia
  • Post the REAL time below in the comments

Now be honest with yourself. That was fun. So yeah, if this blog gets a lot of comments I will continue to make blogs like these but more creative. Yeah, thanks. Byeeeee


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