Hello, today I found loads of work I did, when I was like seven and some of the stuff I wrote was pretty darn hilarious. So today I thought I might share with you some of the hilarious work I did when I was a youngster. So this is a piece of work I did, for English. I think what I had to do was write about my weekend. So I did that. Notice that I edited some spelling mistakes. *Clears throat*.

'One kold Satrday morning I got up and wondard where I was going. So I went into the kitchan and uskt my mum for brakfast and a drink. And of courz I uskt where I am going. My mum sihed, "The Roald Dahl museam." So I had Cheerios for brakfast.' I'm sorry, that was just too much for me, I might insert some pictures on here... I don't know but seriously if you just look at the page and the other grammar mistakes it is just hilarious.

This is some other homework I did and I have no idea what this homework is or was made for. Let's just take a look. 'The futbal, too high to catch or punch, if the bal is too high to catch or punch-' Sorry who punches footballs? Like, you don't do that with a football. If you can't reach the ball you don't punch it. '-the goal keeper can deflect it or she/he tipps it ovr the bar with the pam of the hand.' Right sorry, the 'palm' of the hand. There is the picture for that on the right The next one is ;very low ball.' That's the picture of the um... person with the high ball on the right.

High ball

'A very low bal kan be smothered/coverd with the body-' Lol, with the body. Not with your body, the body. What I like about this picture is that, he's not really smothering it, he's just lying on it like on his back. Lol. 'I told my mum that I luked (looked) at a kat.' ???? 'We ate our biscuits. I hav been to my best frends hous. Her dog bit my bum.' :).

So those are all the pieces of work I'm going to show to you today. Um, anyway. Thank you for checking out my blog again. See you tomorrow, or whenever I make another blog. Byeeeeee!

Oh I forgot! Comment below whatever pops up in your mind! Byee!

Smothering body

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