Hello. Welcome to todays blog. So I haven't done a blog in about two or three weeks.


I apologize for that.... wait. I thought I said I would stop doing that.... oh fribblejabbles. So, where have I been you may be asking yourself as you are also thinking 'Oh my giddy aunt, Scarlett123 is a lazy arse' which by the way if you think that, you are a mind reader. Congratualtions, you have won the best mind reading contest. No, nevermind. Well anyfrogs, for the past two or three weeks I have been working my butt off for a new blog series I will be starting. That is called: 'The X'.

I am super excited for this so let me tell you who the main characters are:

Sixx Smortith (boy)

Jynxx Cutforth (girl)

Syrinxx Luna (girl)

Alexx Arvatz (boy)

Finnixx Arvatz (boy)

Lenoxx Pleunik (boy)

They are all fourteen, don't ask why. Here is the amazingly brilliant plot:

Sixx Emerson. Fourten years old. Typical.... right? Wrong. After being adopted by a young married couple after the predicted death of his parents he moves to Ipswich and that was when it all went wrong. He knew we would never fit in with the crowd. Never. Sixx goes through the most thrilling yet horrendous adventures, uncovering his past and yet he still searches for an answer. His dreams and powers. Everyday, the same dream and yet an unknown power, still waiting to be uncovered. He is one of The X.

So yeah. That's the story line. I will probably make like a whole series... I'm a rusher so I will probably name all the books this:

1. 'The X'

2. 'Blood Brothers'

3. 'Destination Darkness'

4. 'Necropolis'

5. 'Moonchild'


I dunno. I was thinking of 'The Happening' and 'These Webs we Weave', but I'm not sure... I should start the first book first :P. XD!!! Well yeah... this was a short and boring blog, I will update a very very very special one tomorrow which I will call 'The Ketchup Story'... so.. yeah.

Oh yeah, comments. Comments below if you have a blog series or book you would like me to read and criticise but I warn you... I tortue people when criticising because I'm EVIL!!! Evil like the cookie monster O.O. But yeah... Byeee....

By the way. Ar0n65's birthday is tomorrow. :)

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