This is similar to my previous blog, where we rated eachother with numbers. This time wel will rate eachother with symbols/smileys. I got this from another site and tweaked it a litte.

♥ = I want a usership with you

C: = I'm falling for you

3: = I miss you

  •  ;] = i really like you
  • <: = I hate you
  • x: = I like you

O: = I like you but im in a usership

/: = I like you but your in a usership

=] = You're cute

XD = You're funny

</3 = I regret leaving you

=^) = We should hang out

<3 = I love you

<:^ = i want to know you

=P = You're weird

 ;D = I know you like me


<:3 = You're a great friend

^_^ = We're friends

^.^ = We're best friends

-.- = I don't know you

Have fun! And again, you can use more than one symbol to rate the person you're rating! And try not to take this too seriosuly so it's not awkward lol. It isn't meant to be awkward XD It's just for fun. :)

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