Did the funny title get your attention? I hope so! Now, thought the title may be humorous, it has little to do with what the blog is actually about.

Ok, so we all know Valentines Day is tommorow, right? Well, I dunno about you, but I'm looking forward to it! Because I love EVERYONE! And I like that we have a special day to show our love for eachother. So, I decided to make this blog, and give anyone who comments a Valentine of some sort! The type of Valentine you recieve will depend on how well I know/like you, but EVERYTHING will be purely POSITIVE, no matter who you are, because I love everyone!

SO basically,

If I know/like you fairly well, I'll post a virtual e-card for you. (This is probably what I'll do for most people.)

If I know/like you very well, I'll post a virtual e-card AND choose a song to dedicate to you!

If you're one of my absolute favorite people on this site with I am totally in love/best friends with, I'll post a virtual e-card, dedicate a song to you, AND write you a poem! XD

If I hardly know you, I'll just reply to your comment saying "Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!"

But remember, no matter which one you recieve, remember, I don't hate anyone! I really do love everyone! The system is mostly based on how well I KNOW you. :) Ok, that's about it! Happy V-Day everybuddy! I love you all!

Especially YOU, <insert name here>. :)

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