Ok, so I randomly thought this idea last night to start a mini-series about the many interesting people on this wiki...GENDERBENT! XD Ok, so this takes place in Wiki-world, as if the Wikia were a place IRL , and everyone on this wiki lived in the same neighborhood and knew eachother and hung out on a regular basis. Plus, I decided the make everyone genderswapped, because I thought it would make things even more funny and interesting! Of course, many people's names are gonna have to be chnaged to fit their genderswap as well. So, I'm gonna start on the list of people's names and their genderswap names. Oh, and in this world the iCarly characters and cast are genderswapped too.

iCarly characters:

Carly - Carlos

Sam - Sam

Freddie - Fredi

Spencer - Spencerina

Gibby - Gibbina

iCarly cast:

Miranda - Manny

Jennette - Gene

Nathan - Natalie

Jerry - Jenny

Noah - Nora

iCarly wiki users (this list will be regularly editted for expansion):

SpencerFanGirl - SpencerinaFanBoy

Tara - Terrence

Yoshi - Yoshina

Jon - Jan

Poptart- Toaster

Chunt- Chuck

Cherry - Cheerio

Steven - Stephanie

iCarv - iCarb

HiHi - HoHo

Jessica - Jesse

Reason - Reasonette

Seddia - Seddio

CheeseMaster - CheeseMistress

Fishy - Fisher

CartoonPrincess - CartoonPrince

Slappy - Slappelia

Britt - Brett

Becky - Beck

Rosalie - Ron

MirandaCosgroveFan- MannyCosgroveFanBoy

Candy - Randy

Amy - Andy

Alica - Al

Dan - Daniella

Emily - Emmit

Picses - Picsina

Eric - Erica

Aron - Erin

Neve - Nevel

Nene - Noon

Dime - Dymena

Bill's GF - Bill

Mak - Maxine

Carlaay - Charlaay

Bowtie1196 - Bowguy1196

Seggum - Seggo

Kittygirl7878 - Tigerboy7878

Fudge (Victoria) - Victor

Sparklyplatypus (Ashley) - Ash

Daisy - Lazy

Mango - Mambo

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