I decided to have the first oneshot of the series take place at a party.

If you haven't read my previous blog yet, do so here.

You may also use the link as a refernce if you forget what someone's genderbent name is, but most of them should be pretty clear.

The Party

Cheerio was hosting a party, and had invited everyone. The first person to arrive, of course, was the number one party animal, SFB.

"Hiya Cheerio!" he greeted cheerfully when you walked in. "Um, is anyone else here yet?"

"No SFB. You're the first one." Cheerio replied.

"Really? Well, why's everyone else late? They're missing out!"

"Actually, SFB, nobody's late. You're 30 minutes early."

"Oh, well! Better early than late! Can I help ya set up or something?"

"Sure, you can help me pick the snacks."

"Ooh, lots and lots of candy!"

Cheerio grimaced slightly, knowing the effects that sugar had on SFB. Trying to avoid that, at least for now, he nicely suggested, "How about some nice nachos instead?"

SFB liked that idea very much. "Oh boy! Cheesy chippies! That's a great idea!"

Cheerio breathed a sigh of relief to himself. A little while later, when they had finished setting up, more people started to arrive. The first people to arrive when they were actually supposed to were Fisher and Yoshina.

"Hey, glad you guys could come!" Cheerio greeted.

SFB greeted them both with a hug and said, "Hiya!"

"Easy with the hugging, SFB!" Yoshina exclaimed.

"Hmm, good thinking! I don't wanna catch any of your dirty-mindedness germs!" SFB replied, half-joking, half serious.

"Hey, I'm not THAT pervy! My male version is WAY pervier." Yoshina objected.

"Doh! You beat me to it! I thought I was gonna be the first one to break the fourth wall!" SFB replied with comedic dismay.

Fisher chuckled. "So, what kind of snacks do you have here?"

"Well, SFB and I agreed on nachos." Cheerio replied.

"Yes! Behold the cheesy goodness!" SFB exclaimed as he directed them to the snack table. "Are ya beholdin' it? Huh? Are ya? Are ya?! ARE YA?!"

"Yes, yes! We're all beholding it!" Yoshina replied, half-annoyed, half-amused.

A few minutes later, Bill arrived. Then Noon, then Victor, then Jan, and before you knew it, pretty much everyone was there. SFB was quite happy when Jan arrived. He had picked a handful of dandilions in aticipation of her arrival. With the fluffy flowers clenched tightly in his fist, he walked up to Jan, handed her the flowers and declared, "I just wanted you to know that you're a vision of wackytasticality! I wasn't sure if anyone had told you that lately."

Before Jan could say anything, Cheerio chimed in with "Chuck told him to say all that! That's what Chuck thinks of you!"

SFB groaned and glared at Cheerio. "Dude, if you try to start up Chan madness tonight, I will....gawrsh, I'm too nice, and too wimpy, to carry out any real threats."

Cheerio grinned. "Chan for the win."

SFB decided to ignore him and just enjoy the party. He looked around noticed that Victor had started up a party game, so he decided to go join the fun. However, when he realized the game was Slapperama, and that poor Slappelia was getting ganged up on, he decided to stay far away from that situation. For a while he just mingled, talking to everyone about all the humorous events that occured in his life in the past week, which if you knew SFB, you'd know was alot. He also made up really random jokes on the spot, and told them to everyone.

Then, Cheerio felt the sudden need to add some hype to the party, so he put on some music, and brought out the soda for the guests to drink, even though he wasn't very fond of it himself. SFB grabbed a bottle of Mountain Dew, a bottle of Fanta, poured them together in a huge cup, and chugged the crazy mixture. It was then that his mind was taken of by the sugar, and he was under the influence. He instantly became even more hyper than usual, zipping around the room at recording-breaking, gravity-defying speeds.

CheeseMistress was watching in awe. "Wow! I wish I could be that hyper!"

About 30 minutes later, the hyperness turned into "soda-drunkness", and mischievous Yoshina decided to take advantage of this. While SFB was dancing like a dork in the middle of the dance floor, Yoshina walked over him, pulled him aside, and whispered, "Hey, I wasn't sure if I should tell you this, but...Jenny Trainor is here."

SFB squealed. "Oh my gosh, where?!"

"She's in disguise. One of the girls at this party is actually Jenny."

"Ooh, which one? Which one?!"

"That one, right over there." Yoshina said, pointing to Piscina.

"Wow, I never would've guessed that she was really Jenny Trainor! She's a master of disguise!"

"Yes, she sure is. And you know? She LOVES you. She wants you to go tell her you love her, and give her a big wet kiss on the nose."

"Ooh, I'm gonna go do that!" SFB squealed, and pranced over to Piscina.

"Hi Jenny!" SFB said in a goofy, flirty tone.

Piscina gave him a confused stare. "Are you talking to me?"

"Yeah, I know who you really are." SFB said with a wink.

"What the heck are you talking about?!"

"Oh, you don't have to disguise yourslef from me! I'm your number one fan! And I want you to know how much I love you." And with that, SFB grabbed Piscina in a tight hug, and kissed her nose.

Piscina pushed SFB off of her and exclaimed, "What the heck are you doing?! I don't know who you think I am, but whoever this Jenny person is, go make out with HER, not me! I'm not Jenny!"

SFB was confused and somewhat hurt. "But, you're Jenny Trainor! And I'm your biggest fan! I thought you loved me, and we could be together forever!"

Piscina rolled her eyes. "Ok, you seriously drank WAY too much soda. I can't believe you fell for that. Who put you up to this?!"

"Uh, Yoshina...I think." SFB replied with a giggle and a hiccup.

"Ugh, I'm gonna KILL Yoshina!" Piscina exclaimed and stormed off.

"Well, that was weird!" SFB said with a shrug, and continued to dork it out on the dancefloor. After about 20 minutes of hardcore fast-dancing, he passed out, and woke up 5 minutes later, having returned to "normal", that is, as "normal" as it was possible for HIM to be. He looked up and saw that several of his friends had gathered around him to make sure he was ok, including Lazy, Bill, Jan, Yoshina, Fisher, and Chuck.

"Ya went a little to hard there, party boy." Lazy teased.

SFB chuckled. "Yeah, I guess I did. One thing's for sure though, many Hilarious Happenings occured tonight!"

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