Well, as many of you who have been on chat know, last night I stayed up all night at an overnight lock-in party that one of my youth groups was having, and it was THG themed! It was so amazingly coolioistical and crazylicious! I took several videos of it that will be uploaded shortly and I will also use this blog to share the videos, and to describe some of the events that I didn't capture on camera.

This vid features me arriving at the party and greeting some friends. The official event with all the THG stuff doesn't start til vid 4.

This is some of my friends dancing and playing games

Then some of my friends recorded me playing Just Dance 3 XD

Shortly after that the main event started

EDIT: Somehow this part got deleted, I am working on reuploading it now!

We were divided into teams/districts

After we designed our team posters, we played this first game, where we made a team mate "blend in" by putting stuff on his face XD

Featuring Jeremy the forest fairy

And my friend pronouncing pecan as "pee-can" XD

The next game we played was three-legged race, to train for teamwork

After that, we had a trivia game, and then I got to dunk my head in goo to lick gummy worms! lol

The rest of the vids are being uploaded and taking a while to upload. I will update this blog as soon as they process some more! Check back soon! Enjoy :)

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