This is a game where you comment and anyone can reply to your comment and answer the following questions about you. And yes, this IS another one of ym old blogs from another site that I decided to post here.

What would you do if......

● I died:

● I kissed you:

● I fell:

● I lived next door to you:

● I showed up at your house unexpectedly:

● I stole something:

● I was murdered:

● I cried:

● I asked you to marry me:

● I was hospitalized:

~Would you~

● Keep a secret if I told you one?:

● Hold my hand?:

● Study with me?:

● Cook for me?:

● Love me?:

● Date me?:

~More ~

● When and how did we meet?:

● Describe me in three words:

● What was your first impression of me?:

● What do you think of me now?:

● What reminds you of me?:

● Could you see us together forever?:

● When's the last time you saw me?:

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