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What I Like About YOU

Yes, you.

Hi! This SpencerFanGirl123, and I recently noticed several people posting blogs with shout-outs to their dearest friends! Well, I wanted to do the same, but then I realized how forgetful I can be, and I didn't wanna leave anyone out, because I have lots of great friends on this site! So, instead of making a list of people in my blog to give a shout out to, I'm gonna let anyone comment on this blog, then reply to their comment telling them what I like about them! That way, I can give love to EVERYONE who deserves it! ^-^

So, comment away friends and peeps! Oh, and ANYONE can comment. Even if you think I barely know you, I'm sure I can think of SOMETHING I like about you, since I'm such a postive person! lol

Ok, NOW comment away! :D

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