Slappy made me make this while playing the next person game, so here it goes!

Ok, so first, you get a blank pie crust to put the filling in. The filling will consist of cupcakes (Carly), ham (Sam), pizza (Freddie), spaghetti tacos (Spencer), and pudding (Gibby). How will all that fit in a pie, you may ask? One word: BLENDER! So, blend all that stuff together, just like the show contains all the charcaters' personlaities!

After the ingredients have been thoroughly blended, pour the awesome goop into the pie crust, then put the tophalf of the pie over it, bake it, and eat it. Side effects of consumption may include but are not limited to:

Comedic urges

Obsession with iCarly

Possible accquirement of personality traits from one or more of the chracters

Explosive flatulence


Purple toes

Green hair

Bright blue pimples

Uncontrollable laughter

These side effects are severe and beneficial. Enjoy!

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