• Schrat

    Keeping the balance

    June 17, 2011 by Schrat


    This blog entry is to keep the balance to my first one, and to have those short pieces I wrote together in one place. It wasn't my basic intention to write all seddieish, but as I joined this wiki right before iOMG and read other peoples contributions right after iOMG, they just came out like this. In fact these stories here are older than the one in my first blog entry. They were just scattered in other blogs comments. Not all of them are originally done by me, two of them are just variants of stories done by someone else.

    So here we go:

    Original by CartoonPrincess

    [At the iCarly Studio]
    Carly: So.... you like Freddie?
    Sam [ disgusted] : No!
    Carly: But you kissed him ... again!
    Sam: NOO! ... Well, yes. I just wanted to make things even.
    Carly: Huh…

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  • Schrat


    May 31, 2011 by Schrat

    Hey there!

    Originally I wanted to post another story here, but it seems it didn't fit into one comments box. So I decided to make my first blog entry. I do my best, but english still isn't my native language.

    I came up with this one because of that episode title iLost my Mind. We've been through iDate Sam and Freddie, they've been dating a lot and it is confirmed by now that they're a couple.

    Unfortunately this story will definitely end the show, but as a fair compensation it became incredibly long. This is ABSOLUTELY UNREAL!

    [At the lockers]
    [Sam throws things in her locker. Carly shows up, happy, smiling like she does everytime]

    Carly: Hey Sam, what's up?
    Sam [doesn't turn her head, mumbling]: Nuffin' ...just .... ah, leave me alone!

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